Civil Litigation

Virtually any relationship in life — whether with a neighbor, business associate, friend, family member, or a company with which you do business — can unfortunately deteriorate into a disagreement that requires legal assistance to resolve.

While the best solution is always to prevent such disagreements or resolve them to everyone’s satisfaction as quickly as possible, in some situations, that simply isn’t possible. People and companies often do not live up to their responsibilities and must be held accountable through Civil Litigation seeking monetary damages or enforcement of specific rights.

When this is the case, we can guide you through the complexities that are inherent to your particular situation.

A few examples of the areas of civil litigation include:

  • Property damage claims
  • Insurance claims
  • Contract disputes
  • Breach of warranty
  • Construction defects
  • Fraud

Although your case may settle before going to trial, the attorneys at Brooks, Harmon & Johnston are skilled litigators who will seek to preserve your best interests, both in and out of court.