Criminal Law

The lawyers at Brooks, Harmon & Johnston have dedicated much of their practice to the defense of clients charged with criminal offenses ranging from capital murder to traffic violations. Our firm has a track record of aggressive and personalized representation for our clients who face these serious matters.

Violent Crimes (including Robbery)

We provide experienced and competent representation for those who are facing serious charges of assault, homicide, murder and robbery. We regularly serve as lead counsel for clients facing a possible death penalty case. These cases require the use of investigation and experts and are a regular part of our practice. These tools can also be used in all serious violent crimes.

Sex/Pornography/Internet Offenses

If convicted of a sex crime, you may be required to register as a sex offender for life, restricting your ability to live and work in many locations. We vigorously defend clients facing allegations of sexually-based offenses, including rape, sex abuse, and internet-related crimes such as possession of child pornography and solicitation.

Drug Possession/Drug Distribution

We defend people who are facing drug charges, including drug trafficking, drug possession, possession with intent to distribute, and manufacturing. As many of these offenses have mandatory prison terms and/or fines, it is imperative to have experienced legal counsel in these situations.

Property Crimes

We defend people who are facing charges for burglary, theft, and embezzlement charges. These offenses have various elements and degrees, and often an experienced attorney can make a substantial difference in the outcome of these cases. We understand that a felony conviction can have a very negative effect on our client’s future, and we work diligently to achieve a favorable outcome in every case.

Juvenile Offenses

Our law firm also represents juveniles who have been charged with any criminal offense. How these cases are handled may have far-reaching effects on a juvenile’s future, impacting his or her education, career, and opportunities as an adult. An experienced attorney can give your child the best opportunity to avoid these disruptions.

DUI/Traffic Offenses

DUI and traffic-related offenses can have a long-standing impact on a person. There are often numerous defenses to DUI and other serious traffic offenses that only an experienced attorney can identify and present. We can provide the experienced representation you need.

Appeals/Post-Conviction Claims

Our firm has experience in handling a wide range of criminal appeals in both the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals and the Alabama Supreme Court. We also are experienced in handling post-conviction claims under Rule 32 of the Alabama Rules of Criminal Procedure.