The REAL Cost of a Traffic Ticket

There are few sights that cause as much anxiety as a blue light in the rear-view mirror. After complying with the request to stop and present credentials, one of your first thoughts is, “How much is this ticket going to cost?”

The answer to that isn’t as straight-forward as it sounds. A traffic ticket can lead to much more than just a fine and court costs. If you are found guilty of a traffic-related offense, it can impact you in many different ways:

  • Insurance companies will raise your insurance premiums and may even cancel your coverage.
  • States will often assess points or penalties against your license. If you accumulate too many points, your license will be suspended.
  • Commercial drivers or those who drive for a living can often face issues with their employer or their ability to find suitable employment.

If you have received a traffic ticket or citation, don’t assume you have to pay the fine and accept the consequences. A lawyer can often help you resolve a traffic matter to avoid a conviction, protect your license, and try to avoid the added expense of increased insurance premiums. Consult a lawyer who is experienced in handling these matters, and you may find the REAL cost of your ticket to be much less.